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Ryzen 7 Gaming Benchmarks

For those who have been asking, this is the latest processor from AMD. The Ryzen lineup is arguably the most (and possibly over) hyped CPU to hit the shelves in a long time. The overall benchmarks look great but from a strictly gaming POV they don’t really stand up the hype or even the costs!

Ryzen 5 though is said to be “for gamers” – we will wait and see!

Upgrading My Computer With a Z270 Motherboard & i7 7700K

As many of you know I am big into my music, being a guitarist and all probably was a hint?! What most of you don’t know though is I have another interest, one that I spend more time on than I do music. Building gaming PCs. Yes, I am that type of person. There is just something about building a PC that makes me feel amazing inside like it’s my own little creation. I often build PCs for friends and have even tried to open my own business building gaming PCs.

Like many gamers, I want to try VR (Virtual Reality). To do this though I need to seriously upgrade my computer. I have chosen the components and already have them ready for the build this weekend. But I wanted to share with you some tips on how to choose the best components for your computer.

Finding The Best Z270 Motherboard

So I already have an I7 7700k bought. Reason being, its affordable provides the power I want for both VR and work. Ideal CPU for me. Also, the K models allow me to overclock the CPU clock speed, in some cases as high as 5GHz! In order to apply an overclock though you need to have a motherboard that is overclockable, in other words, you need to find a Z270 motherboard (or a Z170 – older model).

If you have looked online for a Z270 motherboard then you will notice that there are plenty to choose from but all at different prices ranges. The price is tied to how many added features a board comes with. In most cases, I would say its best to go for the best Z270 motherboard that you can afford as long as the features your buying will be used. With that in mind, I would actually say something with reliably good audio from a trusted brand is a bare minimum. If you want to look for built in wifi, extra PCIe slots, a specific number of I/O slots etc. then you should ideally look at something like this best Z270 motherboard buying guide, it will give a lot more info about each “best” board. Also, reviews… Read the damn reviews!

What did I go for? ASUS STRIX Z270E Gaming Motherboard. It provides the best gaming features in my opinion without being super expensive and allows for fast RAM at a 3866MHz (overclock). Not to mention the 6 SATA III slots will come in handy.

ASUS ROG Strix Z270E – Motherboard Review