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Learning Guitar in 2017 with the best online lessons

It is almost 2017 so if you’re like me you will be looking to pick up a new hobby or interest. For me in 2016 it has been learning guitar – I used to play the piano many years ago which, to be honest, I found boring but it got me through high school! My wife bought me a guitar for Christmas, clearly, she was bored of me saying I wanted to get into it and decided to help me along the way.  So there and then my mission was to learn guitar in 2016. Through January I did have done the usual thing of buying books and using YouTube but it really didn’t help. I am much more of a see, do and learn person instead of reading or watching another amateur player. At the end of January, I decided to start looking for the best online guitar lessons that I could basically turn on and off when I had free time. For me learning guitar was a hobby and needed to take a back seat so having an online course with lessons was the best fit for my lifestyle – and likely it’s going to suit you too!

Face to face lessons were a big no considering I have a job, family and my weekends are busy watching sports! Learning the guitar became a million times easier for one reason – I didn’t have to research and read about what I should start learning. The paid learning websites come with courses set up for the absolute beginner meaning all I had to do was pay attention and follow along. I am happy to announce now that I can literally pick up the guitar and just play, I don’t need to stop and start, I don’t need sheets music in front of me and more importantly I can simply just jam at my desk while I chill out.

What to look for in online guitar lessons

Simply put you need to read reviews to make sure it’s worth your while. That being said they all have free trials and promos so spending 20 bucks on something shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

What I looked for though was a beginner course that I can use to then move into rock and metal with a bit of blues in between. JamPlay has done just that for me so I would personally recommend them but again there are many options so just ensure you get what you need from the lessons.