Upgrading My Computer With a Z270 Motherboard & i7 7700K

As many of you know I am big into my music, being a guitarist and all probably was a hint?! What most of you don’t know though is I have another interest, one that I spend more time on than I do music. Building gaming PCs. Yes, I am that type of person. There is just something about building a PC that makes me feel amazing inside like it’s my own little creation. I often build PCs for friends and have even tried to open my own business building gaming PCs.

Like many gamers, I want to try VR (Virtual Reality). To do this though I need to seriously upgrade my computer. I have chosen the components and already have them ready for the build this weekend. But I wanted to share with you some tips on how to choose the best components for your computer.

Finding The Best Z270 Motherboard

So I already have an I7 7700k bought. Reason being, its affordable provides the power I want for both VR and work. Ideal CPU for me. Also, the K models allow me to overclock the CPU clock speed, in some cases as high as 5GHz! In order to apply an overclock though you need to have a motherboard that is overclockable, in other words, you need to find a Z270 motherboard (or a Z170 – older model).

If you have looked online for a Z270 motherboard then you will notice that there are plenty to choose from but all at different prices ranges. The price is tied to how many added features a board comes with. In most cases, I would say its best to go for the best Z270 motherboard that you can afford as long as the features your buying will be used. With that in mind, I would actually say something with reliably good audio from a trusted brand is a bare minimum. If you want to look for built in wifi, extra PCIe slots, a specific number of I/O slots etc. then you should ideally look at something like this best Z270 motherboard buying guide, it will give a lot more info about each “best” board. Also, reviews… Read the damn reviews!

What did I go for? ASUS STRIX Z270E Gaming Motherboard. It provides the best gaming features in my opinion without being super expensive and allows for fast RAM at a 3866MHz (overclock). Not to mention the 6 SATA III slots will come in handy.

ASUS ROG Strix Z270E – Motherboard Review