What is a Tantric Massage?!

This post is a little off but bear with me.

Tantric massage is literally a massage, a lot like the normal hot stone or even sports massage that many of you already get to de-stress and relax muscles. Tantric massages though are incredibly sensual, intimate and erotic. The idea is to relax the person but awakens their erotic energy to provide a deeper relaxation physically and mentally. Choosing a tantric massage therapist can be difficult as you can image as this is a very intimate experience and you really do require someone with a solid reputation for quality, understanding and of course enough knowledge about the Tantra.

Tantra means to weave and expand. This at the heart of tantric experiences where the persons involved aim to expand their erotic emotions and physical feelings.

Generally, tantric massages are given and received by partners as it does lead to sexual arousal and can be a very intimate process. That being said there are ways of booking a tantric massage at Pearl London as well as other therapists. A Tantric massage is like a typical massage, as I have previously mentioned but with Tantric, you will have the ability relax physically, mentally and clear your emotions. It isn’t uncommon for someone to leave with the sense of being woke up as if a part of them had been asleep.

Unlike other typical massages no two tantric massages will be the same. The goal of your therapist is to ensure your fully relaxed while also attempting to awaken your seven chakras.  Your therapist will take you on a journey of tantric enlightenment to ensure your body is completely relaxed with a sensual and erotic environment.